From Portugal to Holland

and to the World

From Portugal is a Dutch brand with Portuguese DNA, born in Rotterdam in May 2015, by the hands of the Dutch-Portuguese couple Tjerk and Joana. The aim of the brand is to bring to Holland exquisite design and share the quality of the Portuguese shoes.

Portugal is well-known by its footwear industry, which combines decades of production know-how with technological development and contemporary design. We are gladly contributing to the preservation of the cultural inheritance of the manufacturing processes in small family factories.

The brand’s values are a result of the founder’s search for authenticity and beauty in life. Individual style, respect for tradition and living in communion with nature are the basis of each collection.

From Portugal presents a contemporary product for a new kind of audience that, like us, is aware of fashion and design but, at the same time, cares about sustainability and escapes mass production. Our costumer is sensitive to the cultural legacy and values the character of each product acquired.

We present two seasonal collections per year for men and women, as well as occasional limited editions.

Spring/ Summer 2016 marks the launching of the first collection with the label ‘From Portugal’, composed by classic shoes with a contemporary twist, designed thinking about people that cherish comfort as well as quality.

Discover the love story

behind the brand

From Portugal is born from a love story. Joana, born in Porto, and Tjerk, a proud Rotterdammer, met while they were travelling in Cambodia. Later they reunited in Portugal and Joana showed Tjerk the country through her eyes. First he fell for the beautiful landscapes, then for the food and for the lifestyle and later he found out that Portugal produces some of the most exquisite shoes of the world. When the couple was already living together in Holland, they realized that their friends also loved the traditional leather boots that Tjerk bought from a Portuguese artisan and, suddenly, it became clear to them that it was time to present the quality of Portuguese shoes to Holland.

Therefore, From Portugal is the result of this couple’s passion, shared experiences, values and dreams. The brand has been growing with their union and Joana and Tjerk believe that their different background, enriched by the travelling and their individual growth, contribute positively for the common vision of the business, where a unique aesthetic is as important as the authenticity of each product.

Good old-fashioned quality

We visit the factories regularly, we know the names of the workers and we feel that our partners are as passionate about their businesses as us.

The shoe industry is one of the most important and lively in the Portuguese economy. And because we believe in tradition, design and talent walking hand in hand, we partnered with small factories that have been working as family businesses through many generations.

By choosing the richness of traditional know-how we are honoring the Portuguese cultural inheritance. Each pair of shoes is a piece of functional art molded by the hands of skilled artisans.

We are not a webshop

but you can order from us

As a small brand, we value the personal contact with our customers and we seek to provide a whole shopping experience to them. Therefore, our collection is for sale in our store in the heart of Rotterdam. Find us at the creative Nieuwe Binnenweg, number 63B. You can visit us during opening hours or make an appointment.

However, if you are unable to pay us a visit but you would like to purchase From Portugal shoes, send us an email and we will reply to you personally.

Spread the magic

We believe in happy encounters and successful partnerships, whenever the passion is shared.
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